• Shifali Gupta

Living an Authentic Life: Challenging Old and Outdated Paradigms

Ask yourself this, 'How many times during the day, do I lie to myself? What is it that I am trying to hide from my own being?’

From the day we were born, we were constantly subjected to ideas and opinions of people who have either lived before us, or are living around us. When we are children, we unconsciously pick up different beliefs revolving around relationships, ways of life, careers, politics, religion and so on.

Then, based on our experience of life, we either accept or reject those ideas, and fabricate a web of our own beliefs and prejudices in our minds. We make up our minds around who we are in this world, and what are we supposed to do in our lives.

More often than not, the principles we are subjected to, are contrary to what we want to believe or experience in our lifetime. For instance, some people believe that it is wrong to make huge sums of money because it would make them less spiritual or religious. However, in reality, they would love to have wealth and abundance in their life. I have actually met people who are guilty of making more money than they think they deserve. Crazy, isn’t it?

But this is just one example. When we have such conflicts in our minds regarding anything in life, we might limit ourselves and not explore our full potential in that specific area. You might know people who are really wealthy, but living a very lonely life. They might believe themselves to be worthy of wealth, but not love.

Therefore, in order to completely explore the entire bandwidth of human experience on this planet and eliminate any underlying conflicts in our minds, it is important to look closely at what we believe and what we actually desire.

It becomes increasingly important to ask- 'Are we being honest about our needs and goals? Or are we limiting ourselves because we are born in an opiniated world?'

If you really want something to change in your life, you need to come clean and honest with yourself first. Do not fear if your beliefs contradict with what you are taught your entire life. How can you be an original, if you don’t hold your own ground and be rooted in your own truth?

Only by being true to yourself, you can begin to live an authentic life, which not only serves your purpose, but has a positive impact on the world around you.

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