• Shifali Gupta

7 reasons why breathwork can change your life for better!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Breathwork is transformational. Period. It is so good for you, you’d regret all the years that went by without you doing this incredible practice. Breathwork involves breathing consciously in a particular manner, so as to trigger some awesome changes in your body and mind. It can prove to be your personal mighty armor, when you have to deal with crazy situations in your life.

But what is it that makes breathwork so powerful? Breathwork connects you with your body’s innate intelligence, that has magical healing powers. Through deep rhythmic breathing, you move out of the fight or flight response and into the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and relaxation channel of your body.

Here’s how breathwork can make your life amazing:

1) Reduces Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Other Unhealthy Emotions

Shallow rapid breaths make us feel anxious and tired, however, long deep breaths that originate in the abdomen can help us feel centered, calm and energized. This happens because certain breath patterns shift your brainwaves from beta (madhouse) to alpha (lovely meadows) and even theta (high AF). Breathwork can help you become more relaxed, intuitive and receptive throughout the day.

2) Improve Sleep

As you are in an alpha brainwave state throughout the day (well, most of the time), you are most likely to sleep like a baby at night.

3) Increase your Energy Levels and Boost your Immune System

Breathwork improves oxygen capacity in the blood, which boosts your energy levels. The body can use this additional energy to perform growth and repair functions, such as boosting your immune system. It also can take your physical workout to the next level because you’re flooding your body with oxygen.

4) Increase Happiness, Peace and Joy

Breathwork helps in slowing you down from the thinking and doing state of Beta and Alpha, to a more dreamlike state of being, the Theta brainwave. In a state of being in the present moment, no longer obsessing about the past or the future, you get to experience happiness and joy like never before.

5) Release Past Traumas Stuck in the Body

Negative emotions resulting from a past traumatic event can get trapped and stored in the body, and become energetic blocks that can be harmful for you both physically and mentally. Breathwork is an amazingly powerful tool to release and unblock any stuck limiting beliefs, fears, traumas and other unwanted emotions.

6) Release Toxins from the Body

By practicing deep rhythmic breathing, you expand your diaphragm that relaxes the body and stimulates the lymphatic system to facilitate elimination of toxins from your body. The toxin release also allows your body’s cells to carry more oxygen-rich blood.

7) Explore Altered States of Consciousness, Consciously

Breathwork helps you create a powerful space for spiritual awakening, connecting with the divine and developing a deeper connection with yourself. A breathwork experience can even be psychedelic for some people, and they end up experiencing altered states of consciousness, though in a completely safe and ethical way.

How you breathe is how you live, so get ready for a major breakthrough in your life by changing just your breath!

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