• Shifali Gupta

6 Qualities of an Extremely Likeable Person

If you believe that being likeable is a natural and inherent characteristic of an individual, you cannot be farther from the truth. Turns out you don’t need to be incredibly good looking or talented to be a likeable person, as most of us are led to believe. Instead, building strong relationships requires you be humble, positive and approachable, and not innately intelligent, extroverted or attractive. Mastering such qualities is often under your control, which implies that being likeable is under your control as well.

These qualities form part of emotional intelligence (EQ) of an individual, which is a skill that be acquired with practice. Research has shown that people with high EQs aren’t just highly likeable, they perform better at work than those with lower EQs, as well as earn a higher annual income. In fact, people with high EQs make an average of USD 29,000 more than people with low EQs annually. As you begin to dig out the secrets of success of emotionally intelligent people, you might find some key behaviors showcased by them which render them highly likeable.

1) Honesty: Needless to say, no one likes a fake. If you exhibit authenticity in your behavior, people will naturally be inclined to engage with you as they know they can trust you. You can’t really like someone if you don’t know who they actually are. People who are comfortable in their own skin are genuine in their interactions, know a lot about themselves and exude great confidence, making them much more likeable.

2) Being curious: Showing genuine curiosity in other people is one of the most fundamental ways to be liked by them. Let’s be real, we all like to be heard and receive attention. However, people often focus on what they are going to say next, instead of actually listening to what is being said. One can avoid this error by making a conscious effort to ask some interesting questions. This not only allows you to listen intently to the speaker, but also shows that you are really interested in them. Several studies have shown that that curious people tend to have better relationships, as people are easily attracted and connect better with individuals that display curiosity.

3) Being joyful: Have you ever met someone who is really positive and happy all the time? How do you feel when you are around them? It’s a no brainer that people become more attracted to an individual who often expresses joy and chooses to live life to the fullest. Energy is contagious and when you are around someone who is constantly negative and miserable, you are likely to soak up their energy. And no one likes that. On the other hand, people who are really passionate and enthusiastic for life are bound to be extremely likeable.

4) Saying nice things about others: Studies have revealed that bombarding someone with positive comments is likely to give them a positive perception of you. The reverse is true for negative comments. It has been suggested that we tend to associate a positive or negative trait with the person based on the good or bad they say about someone else. For instance, if you describe someone as loyal, the listener is likely to remember you as a loyal person. This happens because the brain conjures up an image similar to being described in a conversation and associates it with the speaker.

5) Not seeking attention: You are likely to dislike someone who is constantly trying to seek attention through their actions. This includes being excessively extroverted, which hints at you being desperate for attention. People who are honest and confident in themselves seldom feel any need for unnecessary attention from others. They are friendly and considerate, making them much more likeable than an individual who is trying hard to show others that he / she holds a great deal of importance.

6) Greeting people by name: Some say that a person’s name is the most important thing to them in the world. It is the most obvious connection to your identity, and when people call your name multiple times in a conversation, you tend to feel recognized by them. So, if you want to be liked by others, make sure that you use their name each time you see them. If you often face trouble with names, try to come up with some fun strategies to remember names as it plays a crucial role in strengthening your connections with others.

Wrapping it up

Being likeable is a skill that can be learned and developed over time. Pay attention to people and take every opportunity to appreciate them. Humility and approachability go a long way in making people gravitate towards you. Always try to keep an open-mind and eliminate any preconceived judgments, as it leads to a negative attitude towards others. Likeable people always try to make a positive difference in the others’ lives. They express joy and love freely, and say yes to every opportunity to experience happiness. They believe in themselves and do not try to deceive anyone or take advantage of others. A likeable person will always make you feel empowered and happy in their company, as they are empowered and happy themselves.

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