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5 Tips to Master Your Morning Routine

I cannot stress enough on the importance of starting your morning in the right way. There is a reason why the most successful people on the planet focus significantly on their morning routines. It is absolutely essential to kick-start your day in a way that you feel balanced, productive and happier the entire day. With the digital addiction kicking in, first thing we do in the morning is check our phones. For a few people, this process is almost automatic. With a sea of information available to drown your senses, it becomes almost impossible to set any kind of intention for your day, and focus on your inner world of thoughts and feelings.

A morning routine is essentially a set of actions you perform in the morning, usually before starting your day’s main activity, such as going to work or school. These actions can be anything from drinking a glass of water or brushing your teeth to doing a two-hour workout or running around the block.

I have read and studied morning routines of various influential people; and I have realized that these routines vary considerably depending on the personality and inner values of a person. Certain people play sports for an hour-long, and others meditate. You should have complete freedom over what rituals do you want to follow, and experiment continuously on what works best for your well-being.

However, if you are just getting started on setting up your morning routine, here are some tips that might come handy:

1. Prepare a checklist the night before: Just before going to bed, make a list of tasks you intend to accomplish the next day. This practice helps to put your mind at ease, and lets your subconscious work overnight. Also, writing the tasks down would help you get your mind off things, and you would sleep better, waking up with a sense of clarity in your head on what you wrote down.

2. Accomplish the easy tasks first: You may have heard the advice that the first task of your day should be something meaningful and significant, a job that requires a lot of focus and determination to accomplish. But, based on my experience, it helps to schedule easier activities early in the day because if the task at hand is not necessarily easy to accomplish, you may lack the motivation to do it. On the other hand, if you are able to begin the day with small wins, you would be driven to complete rest of the tasks on your checklist.

3. Schedule your hardest tasks wisely: Sometimes, we try to solve difficult problems when we’re tired or feeling unproductive, and waste our precious time on something that won’t yield an output. I think it helps if you schedule your hardest task for when your mind is at its best. You can also take note of a specific time during the day when you believe you can’t function properly and try not to schedule hard tasks during that time.

4. Write down the tasks on a calendar: After you have scheduled and prioritized the tasks of the day, make note of how long a task takes you and place it in your daily calendar. You can either use a physical calendar or a tool, such as Google Calendar or Airtable. As few people have the mental capacity to remember everything, you can use it as a reference from time to time.

5. Be consistent: Now that you have crafted a meticulous morning routine for yourself, try to be consistent in its execution. Do not to miss a day, as every missed day results in double the effort needed to get started. In the beginning, you might have to fight your instincts, however, if you keep building on the habits, things will get much easier in time.

In addition to thinking about what you need to do, think about what doesn’t work for you. Is there anything that gets you started off on the wrong foot or pulls you off-track? Make sure you lose those habits on your way to creating that perfect morning routine.

Wrapping it up

If you have decided to take this arduous journey of building a morning routine, congratulations on the amazing benefits you are going to reap from it. You are likely to extract more time from your day, have more energy and motivation, which in turn would turn you from a procrastinator to a high performer. All you need to do is figure out what works best for you and stay consistent. Don’t believe what other people advise you, because what works for them might not suit your needs. So, pick up a pen and paper, and create your magnificent morning routine. You might need to fight through the painful start, however once you establish a series of habitual wins, you will be on the road to master the art of productivity.

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