• Shifali Gupta

4 simple steps to help you deal with anxiety, stress and depression

How our society endorses stress, anxiety and depression blows away my mind! So many people have been hallucinated into believing that stress is a part of life, and you have to carry it around all your life. We are led to believe that mind is a source of endless misery, rather than your superpower, that makes you the very human that you are. Think about it. Have you been given a brain to live your life, or destroy it? We are dominating this planet in so many aspects because of our tremendous intellectual capability. We are not strong as a Komodo dragon or fast as a leopard, but we are gifted with a more superior intellect than all of the species combined. Treating your most precious gift like a curse is a blasphemy in the face of evolution.

However, it is absolutely true that mind is a complex entity, and you need to learn how to handle this state-of-the-art masterpiece, so that it is a source of intelligence, joy and creativity, rather than unwanted emotions.

Say goodbye to any kind of negative thoughts and emotions by following these 4 simple steps:

1) Recognize the anomaly: You need to come to terms with the precept that such emotions are a sign of ‘sickness’ and it is absolutely not normal to feel them. You need to un-identify yourself from such feelings, by recognizing them as ‘abnormal’ and not a part of your true identity. This is a crucial step, as people constantly living under stress, begin identifying with it and therefore, accept it as their reality, rather than doing something about it.

2) Meditate: I have seen certain individuals despise the word ‘meditation’, as if it is a cuss word. Specifically, the youth perceives meditation as something ‘uncool’ and ‘unfit’ for their personality. Meditation is nothing more than being observant and aware of your thoughts. You generate thousands of thoughts in a single day, wouldn’t it be a good idea to take a look at them, once in a while, after all they are your thoughts? You can start by meditating twice a day for around 10-15 minutes. This will expand your awareness, and help you slow down your brain waves from beta to alpha.

3) Redirect your focus: This is key for someone who is constantly overthinking, and lives in beta brain waves throughout the day. No matter, what thoughts have been running inside of your mind, you must know that you always have the power to redirect your attention to wherever you want. Check out my guide to learn more about developing the skill of focus to get you started. Once you learn how to refocus your attention, you will be able to direct your focus on the thoughts you want to think about, and consciously take away the energy your mind gives to unwanted thoughts.

4) Take responsibility: Once you become aware of your thoughts and can re-direct them, you must become responsible for them. This step might take a while, as you have been running on autopilot for years. However, through the immense power of neuroplasticity (your brain's ability to change itself), you become empowered to taking charge of what you think and feel. If you take complete responsibility for your own thinking and feeling cycle, gradually, every thought you generate would be a conscious thought.

Once you become completely conscious of your thoughts and begin to take responsibility for them, wouldn’t you create beautiful and pleasant thoughts for yourself? Sooner or later, stress and depression will become history in your life, as you rewire your brain for joy, love and peace. The entire process is going to take a great deal of commitment and will power, but in the end, it is going to set you free.

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